Attention: Aspiring Coffee Shop Owner? or a Barista applying for Abroad that needs Hands-on Training and Certification?

WARNING: This Training is not for Everyone

Need Fast, Hands-on and Private Coffee Shop Education?

Barista Training with Coffee Shop Start-up Consultancy up to 90 days of support

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Our Training Location?

4th Level parking area, The Marketplace Shopping Mall, Gen. Kalentong, Mandaluyong, 1552 Metro Manila, Philippines

We are only opening 5 barista program applicant slot per batch

5-Day Coffee Shop Education

6 Hours / Day

Day 1 & 2: Introduction to Barista

-Barista 101: Alternative brewing

-Learn Different Types of Brewing Methods

-Hands-on Alternative brewing, pour over, French press, syphon and Aeropress

-Grind Calibration of beans

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Day 3: Technical Training

Introduction to Espresso machine, Hands-on Espresso making and Calibration of espresso machine

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Day 4: Coffee Shop Recipes

Espresso Based Drinks and Hands-on

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Day 5: Specialty Coffee

Basic Latte Art

Specialty coffee from Farm to cup

Coffee Shop Set up

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How Much?

Php 35,000 Enrollment for 5 days

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